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Friday, April 18, 2014

A Soundly Spanked Bare Bottom Gets His Attention!

As you can see in the last post, Miss Sadie is definitely a no-nonsense disciplinarian. A trip over her knee had quickly become a terrifying probability for a guy like me. What I think is funny is not always shared by others particularly a lady like Miss Sadie. These women demand respect and obedience and my humor often crosses a thin line that has resulted in me staring at the floor while my underpants are lowered and my bare bottom is blistered. Having gotten away with these character defects for most of my life with ordinary folks, ladies like Miss Sadie are a different story and the lesson can be very hard to learn not to mention quite painful. Old habits die hard as they say but there are methods that can speed that process along.


 I don't know why it is that I have never been able to embrace the idea that I can and will be held accountable for my actions and behavior? Even in my first long-term FLR-DD relationship with Jen all those years ago, I never thought I would be taken across her knee and soundly spanked like a naughty little boy but, as it turned out, I was and quite often at that. Jen was the epitome of a no-nonsense lady. She didn't hesitate a split second to administer a long hard spanking with that nasty wooden hairbrush of hers yet I still tried to get away with as much as possible. It took a long time before I began to pay attention to how I was behaving and what I was saying especially in her presence even though I abhorred being taken across her knee.

I have had a few similar relationships since Jen and in each of them I again tried to manipulate the dictates of the relationship. There seems to be some part of me that rebels against rules and consequences. It is almost as if I believe that if I continually repeat unwanted behaviors I will wear her down and she will surrender to them? It's rather odd given the fact that no lady of their ilk has ever succumbed to my will  but still I try. Miss Sadie, I thought, would be the exception since she had very little experience dealing with a grown man's naughty little boy alter-ego. I was  certain I could control her dominance in my subtle and sneaky way. Needless to say, the joke was on me! She proved to be a lady that would not tolerate my silly nonsense.

If nothing else, she was consistent and strict in that regard. Being miles and miles apart most of the time, I could act up with the confidence and bravado of a man a long distance from the hard flat back of a hairbrush! Often, I took it to extremes confident that it would be some time before we saw each other face to face again and by then she would have forgotten. Note to self: women like Miss Sadie don't forget.......anything.....ever!!! As fate would have it, a work assignment brought me to her area. As I've said, I really like her company and I wouldn't think of not seeing her if in the area so......I sent her a message that I would be coming to town and we should get together at least for a bite to eat. Of course she agreed and so the plans were made.

Now, in my mind this was a business trip where I would steal a little time to have dinner with a friend, nothing more. In Miss Sadie's mind, there was business to attend to where we would steal a little time to have dinner. There was a discrete hotel she knew of in the area where I was instructed to rent a room. After picking her up, we went straight to it! I always travel with my photo equipment and have gotten some amazing photos in my travels.This time, it would be setup to capture something completely different that would be shared for humility's sake! I was almost in disbelief as I set the equipment up and obeyed the orders to strip and stand in the corner while she prepared. I honestly couldn't remember the instances she spoke of that required correction but her tone and demeanor suggested that I not argue the points. I had done that before and found myself in a pair of panties and I certainly didn't want to risk a repeat of that humility.

As it turned out there was a shockingly long list of misbehaviors to deal with and it was beginning to register that this was going to be a long afternoon and evening. On this occasion, I was naked from the waist down...apparently I was going to be spanked on the bare bottom from start to finish? The hairbrush in the video on this post is one I carry in my bath kit. It is intended for bathing purposes not for how she used it. The bathbrush in the video on the previous post is one she brought along with the specific intent being to blister my bare bottom! Once she was ready I was called from the corner and made to stand in front of her. She was seated on the corner of the bed and I stood in front of her completely exposed with my knees trembling and my face flush with embarrassment. I was then informed of the reasons for my predicament and the consequences that were about to take place. I was scolded, lectured and questioned and the reality of a strict, no-nonsense lady was sinking in fast.

I was taken across her knee and she started the afternoon off with a brisk, bare hand spanking which I will share at another time but for this post, I am sharing a later hand spanking and as you will clearly see, my bare bottom is already quite red and blotched with spank spots from that nasty bathbrush. You'll notice in the one clip that Miss Sadie has no problem picking me up and positioning me as she pleases. The first clip is a firm hand spanking that preceded the sound hairbrush spanking in the second clip. I've included a few stills that illustrate the humility of my situation. I was made to spread my legs and expose myself completely which added 10 fold to the embarrassment of the ordeal. It also drove home the fact of who exactly was in charge and who wasn' essential ingredient in this type of relationship. I hesitate to say it but, I am extremely thankful that Miss Sadie's spankings aren't very long. Painful yes but they mercifully end before I lose control most often.

The dreadful thing with Miss Sadie, on the other hand, is that she is quite fond of crack and penis spanking and that alone is a consequence to avoid at all costs! You can see in the hairbrush clip that she sneaks a few crack and anus smacks in.They alone are enough to make you want to run but I knew better make no mistake about that! The TV volume is up because we had neighbors in the next room which I have no doubts they heard every single smack of my punishment!


  1. watching the above could have been me but when i kick and wriggle i get the cane OTK! buts thats another story!

  2. I love that she uses her knee to spread your legs and the attention to your upper thighs. An expert lady and a thorough spanking. Were you in the corner after this?

  3. So good to see you take it like a true man, over her have always been an inspiration and more so now, love your clips...well done....amazing lap you are over as well

  4. I get my bare ass paddled by my wife every once in a while with in a happy marriage--We both seem to know at the same time when a paddling has to make things right so to speak---I want it over asap and my wife concurs--there is no argument--I shower go over he lap and she paddles me and it hurts like crazy---It is not a matter of eroticism or anything like that---Its just a deserved bare ass paddling which i admit i got coming in spades---Once its over things are once again great between us--no lingering anger we both know it had to happen--Her anger is spent and i have made things right --so to speak--it is a total secret between us so no humiliation or embarrassment just a damn sore butt

  5. Jo - A punishment spanking is always followed by a trip to the corner to reflect on not only the spanking I just received but why I received it.

    Charles - I can relate to your experience, no nonsense ladies all seem to think alike?

    Ron - Thanks for the kind words.

    Paul - Yes, wriggling always earns extra!

  6. Got what I call extreme displine two days ago bottom still stings when sitting got small thin cane bare bottom over the knee! Sit spots got attention! Very old school and babyish but effective lots of wriggling kicking and tears!!!!!

  7. My partner's started caning my bare bottom since her son who used spank me left home I don't know what hurts more her cane or his big hand

  8. I used to get the belt on my bare bottom at tech college I had to bend over the bench and have my pants pulled down and strapped very hard i was 16 till 20 and was spanked often always bare