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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Long Overdue!

In the previous version of this blog, I had introduced you to Miss Sadie (I think?). I met her right here on this blog when I received an instant message from her (back when the yahoo chat widget actually worked). Miss Sadie was very interested in the F/M/FLR scene but at the time she was leaning more toward bottoming. We had a long chat....a VERY long chat in fact and I couldn't help noticing that she came across as a dominant sort. Not extremely dominant as many ladies are portrayed in the pro videos and websites that cater to the F/M crowd but, the subtle dominance many of us guys know that have experience with FLR-DD's. These are woman that are comfortable taking control and confident in their roles as heads of the household. They don't feel the need to scream and curse and rant and rave. They are calmly in control and that quiet confidence is unmistakable to us guys that find ourselves in the honorable position of being in their charge. I personally find that cool, calm yet confident demeanor to be intimidating and somewhat frightening (in a good way). If anything, Miss Sadie displayed these qualities as we continued to correspond of the following weeks and months.

Somewhere along the line I mentioned my observations to her and found that she had been feeling the same way over the last few weeks. The more we talked and the more she thought about it, the more she felt that the F/M lifestyle was more suited to her. At the time, I never thought I would ever find out how real she could be....neither of us thought we would ever get the chance to meet. As life would have it, an opportunity presented itself and in a relatively short period of time the plans were set....she was going to come for a visit! I had no idea what to expect other than the fact that spankings were going to take place and she was not the one that would be on the receiving end! In the few months that we chatted on yahoo, I felt that I knew her pretty well. We shared a lot of similarities in the way that we viewed life in general and FLR specifically. I was very comfortable with her as a person and I was excited to meet her face to face. I was, however, quite nervous to meet the disciplinarian side of Miss Sadie.

When it came to discipline, she had final say...on that we agreed. I feel that this is the way such a relationship should be. We both agreed that this wasn't to be confused with foreplay or sex of any kind for that matter. The discipline would be for punishment and therefore very much deserved if it were to be administered. That meant that if I were to be spanked, the spanking would be a real spanking so, it would hurt and it would not end until she decided it would end....not me! That means, there would be no safe words, I would have no say whatsoever in any aspect of my punishment. Nothing in our conversations prior to our face to face meeting led me to believe that this woman said things she didn't mean so, I was nervous about that and rightfully so. As many of you know, I have a tendency to say inappropriate things....not on purpose of course, I just have a very dry sense of humor and often if it comes to mind, it crosses my lips without much thought beforehand. As you can imagine, over the few months we chatted, there was many opportunities for inappropriate things to come out of my mouth and come out of my mouth they did! This tends to happen more when I don't think I will ever be in the presence of a lady who could hold me accountable. :D

Needless to say, Miss Sadie had a number of things she was eager to discuss with me when she arrived. I, of course, had long forgotten all of it. As happens often, her flights delayed and coming from the mid-west, there were few options so her flight to Philly turned into a flight to Newark, NJ and a late night drive for me to pick her up. When we finally arrived back at my house around 7am, we were both exhausted and I was confident as we got closer that she was as eager to get some sleep as I was. about 5 minutes out however, she asked if I had prepared the room she instructed me to prepare? The week before she told me that I was to setup one of my spare bedrooms as a "punishment room". It was to have a bed (which it already had), a straight-backed chair (shudder) and a dresser or table with all my paddles and implements laid out. There was also to be a clear, open corner (now, what could that possibly be for?). As her words registered in my sleepy head, my heart began to pound and I was stunned into silence trying to figure out if my exhausted head was playing games with me or if she had actually just asked that dreaded question?

I tried to answer but my vocal cords betrayed me and my voice cracked as I made an attempt to tell her I had prepared the room as instructed. In a rather stern voice that surprised me (we had such a pleasant conversation on the 2 + hour drive down from the NY area), she demanded that I repeat myself. Immediately I felt that I had better obey in a hurry, she was not to be trifled with! I cleared my voice and answered. She wasted no time as we drew closer....she informed me that as soon as we got to the house I was to march my "naughty bottom" directly to the punishment room, strip to my underpants and go to the corner, put my nose in it and wait for her and that she had better find me exactly as instructed when she got there or I would be very, very sorry! She spent the next 2 or 3 minutes of our drive reminding me of why I was heading directly to that room when we got to my house and what I was going to get as the result of those reasons when she came in! I was trembling as my mind switched from paying attention to her declarations and racing to find that perfect reason why a punishment was not necessary so early in the morning.

The last minute or two of the drive where traveled in silence with my heart rate increasing the closer we got. As I turned in the driveway she repeated her instructions adding that I was to get her bags from the trunk. I obeyed and fumbled my way into the house and to the punishment room. I removed everything except my white cotton underpants and headed to the corner. It seemed like an eternity that I stood there on trembling knees. Chills ran up and down my spine, tingles danced across my bottom cheeks, my face flushed with the embarrassment of standing in a corner in nothing but my underpants like a naughty little 12 year old. It had been quite a while since I was over a ladies knee getting my bare bottom spanked and the fact that I was minutes away from just that made me very nervous. The familiar butterflies fluttered in my stomach as I waited.

I stiffened at the sound of her footsteps approaching. I heard the door open and felt her approach me from behind. Before I knew what was happening, she had my earlobe between her fingers and was leading me to the straight-backed chair that sat at the foot of the bed. She let go of my ear as she sat down. She said nothing with her mouth but her gaze spoke a thousand words. Number one it said she was very serious and number two that I was in trouble. I was told to take my hands from in front of me and place them at my sides. She quickly recapped the reasons I was standing in front of her in my underpants about to get a sound spanking. She then instructed me to pull my underpants down! I was so embarrassed as I lowered the cotton briefs and exposed myself completely to her gazing eyes. When I say completely, I mean completely.....I was instructed to be cleanly shaven before she arrived so I was totally hairless and feeling very foolish as I stood there waiting for her next command. I was told to get across her knee and I did so quickly in order to hide my bald privates that had me feeling very self-conscious.

Her hand was hot as she laid it on my bare bottom cheek and scolded me. She instructed me to remain in position and not to interfere with my spanking if I knew what was good for me. Without warning her bare hand began to smack my helpless, exposed bottom. The sting was intense and I quickly discovered that this lady was not shy about administering much needed discipline. Any hopes I had of benefiting from her relative inexperience were dashed after the first dozen hand spanks on my bare bottom. She was one of those ladies with the very hard hand that makes you wonder if you are being paddled or hand spanked. The room was filled with loud echos of flesh smacking flesh as the tempo of the spanking increased steadily as did the force of the spanks. It didn't take long before I was squirming around on her lap and yelping with each spank. My bottom was stinging terribly as the spanking continued. I could almost feel it turning red ( I redden quickly to begin with). Any ideas I had about maintain my composure disappeared after the first couple spanks. At this point I wiggled and kicked and screamed and begged and promised to behave. It fell on deaf ears as the force of the spanks continued to increase.

It took a few seconds for me to realize she had stopped spanking and I almost jumped up off her lap before I remembered her instructions to remain over her knee until she gave me permission to get up. I felt her eyes on my naked, red bottom cheeks and felt the embarrassment renew itself.....there was noway and nowhere to hide. My underpants had worked their way down around my ankles as I kicked and squirmed. She was several inches taller than me and when I was draped over her knee my feet didn't touch the ground so I could see through the rungs of the chair my feet dangling in mid air with the white cotton underpants bunched around my ankles.....I felt ridiculous! I silently pleaded for her to give me permission to get up. I felt her hand begin to move in slow circles over my stinging bare bottom cheeks. Then I felt her part them and expose my cleanly shaven anus. She commented how white the skin was in my crack as opposed to the deep red color in my cheeks. I shut my eyes as tight as I could as if it would somehow cause me to disappear from this humility. She left me over her knee for a while as if she knew exactly how much it was adding to my embarrassment.

Finally she gave me permission to get up. I was made to stand in front of her as she lectured me and instructed me on how she expected me to behave from now on. I was informed that I had just been spanked for disrespecting her in a conversation we had a few weeks after we started chatting! How could she remember that with such detail? I had long forgotten about it! I was also told to go to the corner, leave my underpants around my ankles, my hands at my side and think about the spanking I had just gotten and why I had gotten it. I was also told to think about the fact that we had several other behavior problems to deal with in the coming days. So, there I stood in the corner just about naked with a set of very sore, very red, bottom cheeks on full display. I had just been soundly spanked over the knee of a no-nonsense lady who took her role very seriously and I had a head full of speculation about what the future held. Across the room was a dresser with a full array of hard-wood paddles, bathbrushes, hairbrushes, leather belts, hard plastic hairbrushes, wooden kitchen utensils, rulers, butt plugs, vaseline, icy-hot and so on...

One of the things that stuck in my head I stood in the corner displaying a freshly spanked bottom was how easily this woman was able to flip me around on her lap physically placing me in the position she wanted with relative ease! I wanted the spanking to stop almost as soon as it started but the idea that this woman could easily hold me accountable for my actions with ease was very attractive to me. After about 20 minutes in the corner with her coming and going, I was given permission to pull my underpants up and go to bed for some much needed sleep. After all, she said, I have a long afternoon and evening ahead of me.....I'll need the rest!

While that first spanking from Miss Sadie was not captured on video, I have posted a few from that first visit in the past. Since I am currently on the road, I don't have access to all the clips I have so, I am posting a clip of one of the last spankings I got from Miss Sadie not to long ago. Again, as you will see at the beginning, we don't see each other as often as I would like so, there were a few reasons I needed to be punished and I had obviously been spanked before this spanking.


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  2. Woo hoo, you are one lucky guy. Great stuff, WD.