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Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Hand Spanking Myth.

 If I had a nickle for every time I heard someone say that a hand spanking is somehow inconsequential as a form of punishment I'd be a millionaire........ok, a thousandaire - but still! I'd have a nice chunk of change. As a man that has been spanked by a woman in all sorts of positions with all sorts of implements for all sorts of reasons.....and I am talking about real, honest to goodness punishment spankings here.....I would respectfully disagree with that assessment....emphatically no less. When I see someone make that comment (often males) I wonder if this person was every really spanked? And if so, under what circumstances and by whom? Now, as many longtime readers know, I don't particularly like to be spanked. I find it to be extremely humiliating, very painful......and I do not like well as embarrassing. In my case, there is no sexual gratification related to pain. I have no inclination toward age regression either and let's face it, being taken across a woman's knee, having your bottom bared and being soundly spanked most definitely creates an atmosphere of adolescent behavior and correction....the main source of humiliation in my case. Once my bare cheeks start to be smacked and the sting and heat begin to build, my macho male bravado melts away like an ice cube on a hot frying pan! I try to fight it off and retain my composure but a punishment spanking hurts bad in fact.

My attraction, and the main reason I submit to a female's physical correction of my behavior, is because I am highly stimulated by female authority. That's my "turn on". I find strong, authoritative women to be very sexy. Along the way I have also discovered that I benefit on a personal level from the often harsh spankings I have received as punishment for some inappropriate behavior I have exhibited. I have also discovered that the relationship itself benefits and that is the reason I continue to seek out and accept spankings that are punitive in nature. I have received and enjoyed erotic spankings but I have never sought them out and my satisfaction in those cases was not derived from the pain of the spanking nor was it derived from a designation of a adolescent. I believe the satisfaction was more so derived from the knowledge that it was very pleasing to my partner, from her erotic stroking, touching and rubbing and, because I have a bit of an exhibitionist streak in me! :) In retrospect, I have submitted to forms of punishment by ladies which I normally would find extremely distasteful simply because her forceful demands were irresistible to me but that is a whole other topic for another time.

Back to the topic at hand (no pun intended.....I swear!). Over the years I have found myself over the laps of some seriously dominant ladies who had me there not for any sort of sexual gratification or stimulation but rather, to punish me soundly for any number of inappropriate behaviors. I can think of at least three of them whose hand felt like a wooden paddle or hairbrush when it smacked my bottom cheeks, covered or bare. I have read articles and interviews by and with "so called" professional disciplinary women who advocate for a hand spanking "warm up" which should naturally progress to a more severe implement as the only way to administer a proper punishment spanking. The suggestion of course is that a hand spanking couldn't possibly administer the necessary results required of a proper punishment. This is where I disagree and I do so from first hand experience (there's that pun again!). I am speaking strictly of correctional punishment spankings here. Approached in this manner (as the women I have had experiences with have), the hand is not used as a "warmup" measure. I was placed over their knees, my underpants were lowered and the first spank was delivered as hard as the last which is to say......very hard. There were no breaks in the action, no rubs, no inspections of results just, rapid, hard hand spanks on a naughty bare bottom.

There were also cases where the hand was used in a similar fashion over my underpants for a spell with her breaking just long enough to yank them down to continue on a now bared bottom. I can testify from these experiences that I was very soundly spanked (to tears on a few occasions) with nothing but her hard, heavy hand and I learned a lesson even if that lesson was only that I didn't wish to receive another hand spanking from her and that I certainly didn't wish to test her to the point that she would use a paddle, hairbrush, belt, cane, switch etc, etc....... I am fair skinned and my bottom turns red very quickly and deep red after a good hard spanking so the visual could be deceiving however, I assure you, I felt the intense sting of these ladies hands and if the sound of flesh smacking flesh was not so distinctive, I would have swore they were paddling me or taking a hairbrush to me.

There are those ladies who can't sustain the intensity with their hand that is necessary  to administer a good sound punishment spanking...I know this all to well. There is, of course, no shame in this, there are implements at a ladies disposal that can (and do) more than sufficiently complete the task at hand (pun). Even these women can administer a blistering hand spanking provided the conditions are right. The pictures posted in this article are exhibit A. The lady in the photos - Miss Lisa - didn't believe she could deliver an effective hand spanking. She related as much to me before she ever spanked me the first time. As it turned out, she did like to start out a punishment spanking with her hand then move on to a paddle or hairbrush although the very first spanking I ever got from her was an over the knee bathbrush spanking on my helpless bare bottom that had me squirming and twisting on her lap after the second swat! What I never did tell her was that her hand was not as insignificant as she believed it to be.

Miss Lisa's hand spankings were not the worst I ever had but they certainly got my attention in a hurry. The pictures are an example of how any lady can give an effective hand spanking punishment provided her hand can stand up to a lengthy round of contact with a bare bottom cheek. The night before this spanking, I received a belt spanking for disobeying her. It was a long hard belt spanking and the next morning my bottom was still quite tender. A bad attitude had me right across her knee for a hand spanking that had me howling, kicking and flopping around once again over her lap. Miss Lisa has a spanking style which is totally committed to administering a stinging and extremely unpleasant spanking experience from start to finish and she accomplishes it every single time. As I mentioned above, my bottom reddens quickly but it also recovers - visually - quickly. I say visually because my bottom can look untouched a few hours after a severe spanking but it still stings as if I was just spanked. In the photos, Miss Lisa started over my underpants (as shear as they were) and from the very first smack I wanted it to stop. As usual with her, what I wanted had very little to do with what she was going to do and I was begging her to stop long before my underpants were pulled down.

In my opinion, any lady can reheat a seat with her hand very rapidly and have that "bad little boy" very sorry in no time! :)


  1. Simply amazing, I so love hand them

  2. Hand spankings are the best and the truest spanking, love it

  3. Wish I could receive a otk hand spanking I'm way over due for one

  4. This is a wonderful page and I actually showed this video to a lady friend on the second date. Of course we had sort of set things up through the internet with me as a naughty boy type and she got right into the banter. Actually, I helped her install the free version of AVG so she was into me pretty much all the way. Afterward, I simply brought the tube up and showed her this segment when it first came out and was the whole scene. I thought it might fire her up but watching her watch it really fired me up. She mentioned that she might do that to me sometime and I was fidgeting around and asked her "why not now"? Well, she decided why not and minutes later I was over her lap, bare-bottomed and getting a surprisingly hard and harsh handspanking that lasted about 15 minutes. Some women can be uncommonly strong and she was one. That was my first but not my last. Thanks for providing me with such a great inspirational video that got me reddened but good from tailbone to knees, WD.