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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Establishing Her Authority

   I hope everyone (at least those that may still check in on this blog from time to time) had a very enjoyable holiday season. With the new year, I wish all a very happy, prosperous and healthy one. From the beginning of the Ma'am Yes Ma'am blog, I have shared my journey from it's humble and confusing beginnings to my embrace of the role of a submissive male to a strong, dominant lady. If you've read the earliest posts then you understand my reference to the term "confusing", it took me a while to accept the submissive role and more importantly, to settle the internal conflict between a natural desire and a learned image of masculinity. It's easy to look back and interpret that journey as a personal pilgrimage taken alone. I may have even written about it strongly suggestive of just that but the truth is, that journey was anything but a solo expedition. There were a handful of special ladies along the way without whom that migration would have remained forever in my thoughts and dreams.

   The neighborhood friend of my youth who eagerly engaged this desire with me during my early teens often willing to play the dominant female role and thereby helping to plant the seed to Miss Sadie who, through this blog, reached out and rekindled the appetite and inclination to live a life of devotion to a capable and firm lady. A leap of faith on both our parts brought us face to face not only with each other but with a fate which ran parallel in our lives. Both of us, not so much exploring but rather seizing our chosen roles and forging ahead in real-time with no apprehension....none we were willing to expose to one another anyway! Miss Sadie quickly defined our roles and removed any doubts. She did so first verbally as I was "dressed down" and put in my place mentally. Then physically as I was taken over her knee, my masculinity lowered long with my underpants as my bare bottom was exposed to her view and her hard punishing hand.

   So proficient she was at her task that it never crossed my mind to disobey her commands. The lecture and scolding administered by her on the final few miles of the drive from the airport to my house perfectly facilitated both my surrender and acceptance to her will and authority. I knew I was going to be spanked and I knew I was going to be spanked hard. Those that have followed this blog know I do not like being spanked. A spanking to me is pure punishment.....given properly, they hurt.....a lot! They are extremely humiliating and quite embarrassing. The ensuing erection had long baffled me given this fact and it took me a long time to realize that it is the authority of a determined female that I find remarkably sexy and arousing. Though my biggest fears were quickly confirmed when her capable hand began to smack my naked, vulnerable bottom cheeks delivering intensely stinging spanks that left no doubt that I was being disciplined, I never-the-less surrendered without hesitation when I was finally ordered to bend over her knee.

   In a short period of time, draped over her lap having my bare bottom spanked, my phlegmatic attempts to remain indifferent to my predicament gave way to complete submission and animated reaction to the fire building in my bouncing bottom cheeks. I kicked, I squealed, I yelped, I begged and I promised but more importantly, I respected her dominion not daring to attempt an escape! That respect persevered long after I was given permission to get off her lap, it lasted long after my isolation in the corner where I stood as instructed, underpants around my knees and bare, red, swollen and sore spanked bottom cheeks on display. It was the first of many trips I would make across her firm, capable lap. It was not in any way, the longest or hardest spanking she would administer to my bare, helpless bottom, but it was certainly one of the most memorable as it crumbled what was left of the resistance I may have had to submission and female authority.

   Another lady I have written about on that journey was "L". She introduced levels of submission and capitulation I never knew I would accept. Like most dominant women I have come across, she cultivated an attitude of compliance free of resistance no matter the demand. She required obedience to things I abhorred which resulted in a sense of satisfaction in me that I was able to comply to her requirements despite my strong distaste and distress. L introduced a new level of humility to my punishments. I would not only experience the embarrassment and humility of a sound bare bottom spanking with L, I would learn the terrifying humility of dressing in frilly lingerie for those sound spankings. I am not a guy that finds sexual satisfaction from such an act I assure you in fact, it is quite the opposite with me. L would set forth an introduction to the incredible pain and humiliation of a cock spanking as well as an anus spanking and test my commitment not only my submission to her but also to her authority!

   L was a master of humility and unbelievably to me, she quickly earned my admiration and devotion. Just writing that here still sounds ridiculous but it is no less true. Recently I pulled out some old laptops and pcs that had crashed some time ago and with the help of new technology, I was able to pull content off of them. Much to my surprise, I discovered some video we had shot (another attempt on her part to increase the humility of my punishments). I am including some of them in this post along with some stills. For those who have followed me on Spanking Tube, you are familiar with this material already but for those that don't, this material should serve to illustrate the fact that my spankings were never sexual in nature. I will write more in the future about L and some of the feelings I experienced during these punishments.


Wdspoone (Tom)

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