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Saturday, January 10, 2015

When He Needs To Be Punished...

    The problem with taking long breaks from blogging is that you lose your momentum. In the original variant of this blog, I had an almost seamless flow in my posts. Of course, we all know (or at least those readers that followed the old blog) that blogger felt it necessary to delete that very successful blog which required a lot of time and very hard work on my part to get it where it was for no apparent reason or explanation? It makes me wonder how they might react to an assault to their own freedom of speech and expression? Mind boggling!

   This new version of the blog has not seen the same level of concentrated presentation of this man's journey into the world of Female Led Relationships involving Domestic Discipline so with that in mind I formally apologize if I have repeated certain events in my various posts. I will try to remedy that going forward. By the way, "forward" is a promise! I will continue to blog about this quest of mine for as long as it lasts even if that means continually creating new blogs over and over and over!


   Before I move on to the actual details of this post, I would like to inform my fellow bloggers that have been so kind as to link to my blog......many of you have outdated links for Ma'am Yes Ma'am on your pages. I briefly tried a wordpress version of this blog immediately following it's original demise however, I found that wordpress did not offer the editing tools that allowed the quality content so many of my readers had become accustomed to so I scrapped that blog and begrudgingly decided to begin here at blogger once again. This particular domain was a blog I started in order to offer interested readers the opportunity to purchase the custom, handmade, hardwood paddles I was producing a few years ago without taking up space on the main blog. I simply redesigned it to look more like the original blog and I am slowly adding to the content in order to get it back where it was. That said, the proper link for this page is:   If you could update your blog rolls to reflect this link I would greatly appreciate it. :)

Now, on to the topic of this post.....


    I am certain that my future holds a full-time Female Led Relationship incorporating Domestic Discipline, it is inevitable. My current job requires that I travel North America (US, Canada & Mexico) extensively. I am on the road at least 90% of the time which is the main roadblock in such a relationship becoming a reality. I am compensated quite handsomely in both money and perks for my efforts but, it requires a special kind of lady to commit to a man who is gone for extended periods of time. It also requires a few other adjustments that can be difficult to arrange such as geographic. Over the past few years there have been a few ladies I have met and admire greatly who would more than fit the bill as far as a (much needed) female authority figure in my life. This is not an insignificant development as finding someone that meshes with your own personal outlook can be very difficult if not impossible. With me calling the East Coast home and each of them residing in the mid-west, relocation becomes an issue.



    I personally don't view "spanking" as a sexual form of foreplay as it's primary purpose in a relationship. I believe it has very definite positive influences on a relationship when it is used as a corrective measure against unwanted attitudes and behaviors that are synonymous with the breakup of domestic partnerships. I further believe that a woman is better equipped to identify said attitudes and behaviors as well as correct them. That is not to say that domestic discipline in a female led relationship is some sort of miracle remedy without failure....there are many obstacles a couple faces i their daily lives together and there are many factors that need to be considered. Obviously some very basic truths regarding attraction must be met and this can involve many factors such as common interests, goals and values to name just a few. My point is that spanking, used as discipline (or punishment if you will) can effectively remove many of the destructive problems that cause the disintegration of so many marriages. Problems such as festering resentment, misunderstanding, disappointment, anger, frustration and communication can be eliminated through a mutually agreeable, structured arrangement.


    Of course there will always be a sexual connotation involved as there always is in female/male associations. But a structured system of authority within the household places a more serious approach and attitude toward it which is essential if it is going to be an effective tool. There are ways to remove sexuality from the administration of corrective punishment such as "milking" prior to a discipline spanking. The method in which the spanking is administered also differentiates the difference between a punishment and a sexual encounter....if the wife is fully dressed and conducted herself in a stern, business like manner toward her partially dressed or naked husband, his sexual arousal  will quickly fade especially if the spanks are delivered sharply and briskly and he is constantly reminded that she is not amused or pleased with his behavior. Once the punishment has been administered, a "timeout" period (whether that be standing in a corner or assuming any other position or task she decides upon) with no sexual contact afterwards clearly defines the fact that he has just been punished.


   There is no doubt that spanking can be a very erotic and arousing method of foreplay between a man and a woman and there are many couples that engage in it but the differences between this and punishment are stark and unmistakable. Sexual spanking generally involves sensual touching, stroking, kissing, sucking and gentle, intimate caressing. The spanks (which may be hard) usually build in intensity and while they may very well end in a flurry of hard, rapid spanks resulting in a very red and sore bottom, the sexual arousal has also been increased. Both parties are either naked or very scantily dressed from the outset and there is never any doubt that this is a sexual encounter as opposed to a serious punishment.


    If the man is anything like me, he may very well become aroused before and after a punishment spanking which often leads to the mistaken belief that the punishment is ineffective because "he likes it"! Nothing could be further from the truth. The source of my arousal before a punishment spanking is different than my arousal prior to (during and after) a sexual spanking. I happen to find female authority to be extremely sexy. The calmer and more business like she is while assuming the role of disciplinarian, the more sexy I find it. It should be noted that even though I am erect at this stage, I am also feeling a high level of humility and embarrassment.....I know from the circumstances that this is a serious, disciplinary situation and my erection is very inappropriate. I also know that the spanks are going to be hard and that they are going to hurt and I "do not" like that one bit. My erection always fades during the actual spanking. When I am doing my penence in the corner or draped over a stool or sofa arm with my bare, red, swollen, sore, well spanked bottom on display afterwards, the erection almost always returns but it returns against my will and resisting it, no matter how strenuously, prove futile. The source here is because I feel a very strong and overwhelming bond and admiration for the woman that just blistered my behind. Her strength and authority are a huge turn on to me but the spanking itself was very effective. I will try to avoid it in the future and instead opt for the sexual foreplay variety!


   Miss Lisa (often referred to by me as "L") became very good at differentiating between these two types of spanking. Sometimes she would summon me before her and trick me into thinking I was going to be punished (she found my nervous reactions to her authority to be sexually arousing) and then deliver a sexual spanking followed by release. In the video below (picture from this appeared in the last post), she administers this type of spanking. I believed I was going to be very soundly spanked over her knee for a misbehavior but it became clear not long into it that this was a sexual spanking administered in a role-play atmosphere although I didn't know my role prior to the spanking! You can see what I mean in this clip as the spanking is pretty hard at times and the pace is fast but, unlike a punishment spanking, she pauses to stroke, caress and excite. It is also administered with just her hand which was no walk in the park I assure you but, a dose of that followed by a hairbrush, paddle, wooden spoon, belt or any other implement could be an excruciating punishment especially since I never knew how long she would spank.


   Even in this example of a sexual spanking she maintains her "authority" as she switches between intense pain and erotic stimulation. Spanks to my anus and erect cock are followed by sensual strokes, masturbation and stimulating traces of her fingernails on my spanked bare cheeks. My underpants were slowly lowered to my ankles (which can be humiliating in itself) and eventually removed exposing me completely. In future posts I will discuss Miss Lisa in more detail, it was an interesting story of female authority.


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Establishing Her Authority

   I hope everyone (at least those that may still check in on this blog from time to time) had a very enjoyable holiday season. With the new year, I wish all a very happy, prosperous and healthy one. From the beginning of the Ma'am Yes Ma'am blog, I have shared my journey from it's humble and confusing beginnings to my embrace of the role of a submissive male to a strong, dominant lady. If you've read the earliest posts then you understand my reference to the term "confusing", it took me a while to accept the submissive role and more importantly, to settle the internal conflict between a natural desire and a learned image of masculinity. It's easy to look back and interpret that journey as a personal pilgrimage taken alone. I may have even written about it strongly suggestive of just that but the truth is, that journey was anything but a solo expedition. There were a handful of special ladies along the way without whom that migration would have remained forever in my thoughts and dreams.

   The neighborhood friend of my youth who eagerly engaged this desire with me during my early teens often willing to play the dominant female role and thereby helping to plant the seed to Miss Sadie who, through this blog, reached out and rekindled the appetite and inclination to live a life of devotion to a capable and firm lady. A leap of faith on both our parts brought us face to face not only with each other but with a fate which ran parallel in our lives. Both of us, not so much exploring but rather seizing our chosen roles and forging ahead in real-time with no apprehension....none we were willing to expose to one another anyway! Miss Sadie quickly defined our roles and removed any doubts. She did so first verbally as I was "dressed down" and put in my place mentally. Then physically as I was taken over her knee, my masculinity lowered long with my underpants as my bare bottom was exposed to her view and her hard punishing hand.

   So proficient she was at her task that it never crossed my mind to disobey her commands. The lecture and scolding administered by her on the final few miles of the drive from the airport to my house perfectly facilitated both my surrender and acceptance to her will and authority. I knew I was going to be spanked and I knew I was going to be spanked hard. Those that have followed this blog know I do not like being spanked. A spanking to me is pure punishment.....given properly, they hurt.....a lot! They are extremely humiliating and quite embarrassing. The ensuing erection had long baffled me given this fact and it took me a long time to realize that it is the authority of a determined female that I find remarkably sexy and arousing. Though my biggest fears were quickly confirmed when her capable hand began to smack my naked, vulnerable bottom cheeks delivering intensely stinging spanks that left no doubt that I was being disciplined, I never-the-less surrendered without hesitation when I was finally ordered to bend over her knee.

   In a short period of time, draped over her lap having my bare bottom spanked, my phlegmatic attempts to remain indifferent to my predicament gave way to complete submission and animated reaction to the fire building in my bouncing bottom cheeks. I kicked, I squealed, I yelped, I begged and I promised but more importantly, I respected her dominion not daring to attempt an escape! That respect persevered long after I was given permission to get off her lap, it lasted long after my isolation in the corner where I stood as instructed, underpants around my knees and bare, red, swollen and sore spanked bottom cheeks on display. It was the first of many trips I would make across her firm, capable lap. It was not in any way, the longest or hardest spanking she would administer to my bare, helpless bottom, but it was certainly one of the most memorable as it crumbled what was left of the resistance I may have had to submission and female authority.

   Another lady I have written about on that journey was "L". She introduced levels of submission and capitulation I never knew I would accept. Like most dominant women I have come across, she cultivated an attitude of compliance free of resistance no matter the demand. She required obedience to things I abhorred which resulted in a sense of satisfaction in me that I was able to comply to her requirements despite my strong distaste and distress. L introduced a new level of humility to my punishments. I would not only experience the embarrassment and humility of a sound bare bottom spanking with L, I would learn the terrifying humility of dressing in frilly lingerie for those sound spankings. I am not a guy that finds sexual satisfaction from such an act I assure you in fact, it is quite the opposite with me. L would set forth an introduction to the incredible pain and humiliation of a cock spanking as well as an anus spanking and test my commitment not only my submission to her but also to her authority!

   L was a master of humility and unbelievably to me, she quickly earned my admiration and devotion. Just writing that here still sounds ridiculous but it is no less true. Recently I pulled out some old laptops and pcs that had crashed some time ago and with the help of new technology, I was able to pull content off of them. Much to my surprise, I discovered some video we had shot (another attempt on her part to increase the humility of my punishments). I am including some of them in this post along with some stills. For those who have followed me on Spanking Tube, you are familiar with this material already but for those that don't, this material should serve to illustrate the fact that my spankings were never sexual in nature. I will write more in the future about L and some of the feelings I experienced during these punishments.


Wdspoone (Tom)


Friday, April 18, 2014

A Soundly Spanked Bare Bottom Gets His Attention!

As you can see in the last post, Miss Sadie is definitely a no-nonsense disciplinarian. A trip over her knee had quickly become a terrifying probability for a guy like me. What I think is funny is not always shared by others particularly a lady like Miss Sadie. These women demand respect and obedience and my humor often crosses a thin line that has resulted in me staring at the floor while my underpants are lowered and my bare bottom is blistered. Having gotten away with these character defects for most of my life with ordinary folks, ladies like Miss Sadie are a different story and the lesson can be very hard to learn not to mention quite painful. Old habits die hard as they say but there are methods that can speed that process along.


 I don't know why it is that I have never been able to embrace the idea that I can and will be held accountable for my actions and behavior? Even in my first long-term FLR-DD relationship with Jen all those years ago, I never thought I would be taken across her knee and soundly spanked like a naughty little boy but, as it turned out, I was and quite often at that. Jen was the epitome of a no-nonsense lady. She didn't hesitate a split second to administer a long hard spanking with that nasty wooden hairbrush of hers yet I still tried to get away with as much as possible. It took a long time before I began to pay attention to how I was behaving and what I was saying especially in her presence even though I abhorred being taken across her knee.

I have had a few similar relationships since Jen and in each of them I again tried to manipulate the dictates of the relationship. There seems to be some part of me that rebels against rules and consequences. It is almost as if I believe that if I continually repeat unwanted behaviors I will wear her down and she will surrender to them? It's rather odd given the fact that no lady of their ilk has ever succumbed to my will  but still I try. Miss Sadie, I thought, would be the exception since she had very little experience dealing with a grown man's naughty little boy alter-ego. I was  certain I could control her dominance in my subtle and sneaky way. Needless to say, the joke was on me! She proved to be a lady that would not tolerate my silly nonsense.

If nothing else, she was consistent and strict in that regard. Being miles and miles apart most of the time, I could act up with the confidence and bravado of a man a long distance from the hard flat back of a hairbrush! Often, I took it to extremes confident that it would be some time before we saw each other face to face again and by then she would have forgotten. Note to self: women like Miss Sadie don't forget.......anything.....ever!!! As fate would have it, a work assignment brought me to her area. As I've said, I really like her company and I wouldn't think of not seeing her if in the area so......I sent her a message that I would be coming to town and we should get together at least for a bite to eat. Of course she agreed and so the plans were made.

Now, in my mind this was a business trip where I would steal a little time to have dinner with a friend, nothing more. In Miss Sadie's mind, there was business to attend to where we would steal a little time to have dinner. There was a discrete hotel she knew of in the area where I was instructed to rent a room. After picking her up, we went straight to it! I always travel with my photo equipment and have gotten some amazing photos in my travels.This time, it would be setup to capture something completely different that would be shared for humility's sake! I was almost in disbelief as I set the equipment up and obeyed the orders to strip and stand in the corner while she prepared. I honestly couldn't remember the instances she spoke of that required correction but her tone and demeanor suggested that I not argue the points. I had done that before and found myself in a pair of panties and I certainly didn't want to risk a repeat of that humility.

As it turned out there was a shockingly long list of misbehaviors to deal with and it was beginning to register that this was going to be a long afternoon and evening. On this occasion, I was naked from the waist down...apparently I was going to be spanked on the bare bottom from start to finish? The hairbrush in the video on this post is one I carry in my bath kit. It is intended for bathing purposes not for how she used it. The bathbrush in the video on the previous post is one she brought along with the specific intent being to blister my bare bottom! Once she was ready I was called from the corner and made to stand in front of her. She was seated on the corner of the bed and I stood in front of her completely exposed with my knees trembling and my face flush with embarrassment. I was then informed of the reasons for my predicament and the consequences that were about to take place. I was scolded, lectured and questioned and the reality of a strict, no-nonsense lady was sinking in fast.

I was taken across her knee and she started the afternoon off with a brisk, bare hand spanking which I will share at another time but for this post, I am sharing a later hand spanking and as you will clearly see, my bare bottom is already quite red and blotched with spank spots from that nasty bathbrush. You'll notice in the one clip that Miss Sadie has no problem picking me up and positioning me as she pleases. The first clip is a firm hand spanking that preceded the sound hairbrush spanking in the second clip. I've included a few stills that illustrate the humility of my situation. I was made to spread my legs and expose myself completely which added 10 fold to the embarrassment of the ordeal. It also drove home the fact of who exactly was in charge and who wasn' essential ingredient in this type of relationship. I hesitate to say it but, I am extremely thankful that Miss Sadie's spankings aren't very long. Painful yes but they mercifully end before I lose control most often.

The dreadful thing with Miss Sadie, on the other hand, is that she is quite fond of crack and penis spanking and that alone is a consequence to avoid at all costs! You can see in the hairbrush clip that she sneaks a few crack and anus smacks in.They alone are enough to make you want to run but I knew better make no mistake about that! The TV volume is up because we had neighbors in the next room which I have no doubts they heard every single smack of my punishment!



Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Long Overdue!

In the previous version of this blog, I had introduced you to Miss Sadie (I think?). I met her right here on this blog when I received an instant message from her (back when the yahoo chat widget actually worked). Miss Sadie was very interested in the F/M/FLR scene but at the time she was leaning more toward bottoming. We had a long chat....a VERY long chat in fact and I couldn't help noticing that she came across as a dominant sort. Not extremely dominant as many ladies are portrayed in the pro videos and websites that cater to the F/M crowd but, the subtle dominance many of us guys know that have experience with FLR-DD's. These are woman that are comfortable taking control and confident in their roles as heads of the household. They don't feel the need to scream and curse and rant and rave. They are calmly in control and that quiet confidence is unmistakable to us guys that find ourselves in the honorable position of being in their charge. I personally find that cool, calm yet confident demeanor to be intimidating and somewhat frightening (in a good way). If anything, Miss Sadie displayed these qualities as we continued to correspond of the following weeks and months.

Somewhere along the line I mentioned my observations to her and found that she had been feeling the same way over the last few weeks. The more we talked and the more she thought about it, the more she felt that the F/M lifestyle was more suited to her. At the time, I never thought I would ever find out how real she could be....neither of us thought we would ever get the chance to meet. As life would have it, an opportunity presented itself and in a relatively short period of time the plans were set....she was going to come for a visit! I had no idea what to expect other than the fact that spankings were going to take place and she was not the one that would be on the receiving end! In the few months that we chatted on yahoo, I felt that I knew her pretty well. We shared a lot of similarities in the way that we viewed life in general and FLR specifically. I was very comfortable with her as a person and I was excited to meet her face to face. I was, however, quite nervous to meet the disciplinarian side of Miss Sadie.

When it came to discipline, she had final say...on that we agreed. I feel that this is the way such a relationship should be. We both agreed that this wasn't to be confused with foreplay or sex of any kind for that matter. The discipline would be for punishment and therefore very much deserved if it were to be administered. That meant that if I were to be spanked, the spanking would be a real spanking so, it would hurt and it would not end until she decided it would end....not me! That means, there would be no safe words, I would have no say whatsoever in any aspect of my punishment. Nothing in our conversations prior to our face to face meeting led me to believe that this woman said things she didn't mean so, I was nervous about that and rightfully so. As many of you know, I have a tendency to say inappropriate things....not on purpose of course, I just have a very dry sense of humor and often if it comes to mind, it crosses my lips without much thought beforehand. As you can imagine, over the few months we chatted, there was many opportunities for inappropriate things to come out of my mouth and come out of my mouth they did! This tends to happen more when I don't think I will ever be in the presence of a lady who could hold me accountable. :D

Needless to say, Miss Sadie had a number of things she was eager to discuss with me when she arrived. I, of course, had long forgotten all of it. As happens often, her flights delayed and coming from the mid-west, there were few options so her flight to Philly turned into a flight to Newark, NJ and a late night drive for me to pick her up. When we finally arrived back at my house around 7am, we were both exhausted and I was confident as we got closer that she was as eager to get some sleep as I was. about 5 minutes out however, she asked if I had prepared the room she instructed me to prepare? The week before she told me that I was to setup one of my spare bedrooms as a "punishment room". It was to have a bed (which it already had), a straight-backed chair (shudder) and a dresser or table with all my paddles and implements laid out. There was also to be a clear, open corner (now, what could that possibly be for?). As her words registered in my sleepy head, my heart began to pound and I was stunned into silence trying to figure out if my exhausted head was playing games with me or if she had actually just asked that dreaded question?

I tried to answer but my vocal cords betrayed me and my voice cracked as I made an attempt to tell her I had prepared the room as instructed. In a rather stern voice that surprised me (we had such a pleasant conversation on the 2 + hour drive down from the NY area), she demanded that I repeat myself. Immediately I felt that I had better obey in a hurry, she was not to be trifled with! I cleared my voice and answered. She wasted no time as we drew closer....she informed me that as soon as we got to the house I was to march my "naughty bottom" directly to the punishment room, strip to my underpants and go to the corner, put my nose in it and wait for her and that she had better find me exactly as instructed when she got there or I would be very, very sorry! She spent the next 2 or 3 minutes of our drive reminding me of why I was heading directly to that room when we got to my house and what I was going to get as the result of those reasons when she came in! I was trembling as my mind switched from paying attention to her declarations and racing to find that perfect reason why a punishment was not necessary so early in the morning.

The last minute or two of the drive where traveled in silence with my heart rate increasing the closer we got. As I turned in the driveway she repeated her instructions adding that I was to get her bags from the trunk. I obeyed and fumbled my way into the house and to the punishment room. I removed everything except my white cotton underpants and headed to the corner. It seemed like an eternity that I stood there on trembling knees. Chills ran up and down my spine, tingles danced across my bottom cheeks, my face flushed with the embarrassment of standing in a corner in nothing but my underpants like a naughty little 12 year old. It had been quite a while since I was over a ladies knee getting my bare bottom spanked and the fact that I was minutes away from just that made me very nervous. The familiar butterflies fluttered in my stomach as I waited.

I stiffened at the sound of her footsteps approaching. I heard the door open and felt her approach me from behind. Before I knew what was happening, she had my earlobe between her fingers and was leading me to the straight-backed chair that sat at the foot of the bed. She let go of my ear as she sat down. She said nothing with her mouth but her gaze spoke a thousand words. Number one it said she was very serious and number two that I was in trouble. I was told to take my hands from in front of me and place them at my sides. She quickly recapped the reasons I was standing in front of her in my underpants about to get a sound spanking. She then instructed me to pull my underpants down! I was so embarrassed as I lowered the cotton briefs and exposed myself completely to her gazing eyes. When I say completely, I mean completely.....I was instructed to be cleanly shaven before she arrived so I was totally hairless and feeling very foolish as I stood there waiting for her next command. I was told to get across her knee and I did so quickly in order to hide my bald privates that had me feeling very self-conscious.

Her hand was hot as she laid it on my bare bottom cheek and scolded me. She instructed me to remain in position and not to interfere with my spanking if I knew what was good for me. Without warning her bare hand began to smack my helpless, exposed bottom. The sting was intense and I quickly discovered that this lady was not shy about administering much needed discipline. Any hopes I had of benefiting from her relative inexperience were dashed after the first dozen hand spanks on my bare bottom. She was one of those ladies with the very hard hand that makes you wonder if you are being paddled or hand spanked. The room was filled with loud echos of flesh smacking flesh as the tempo of the spanking increased steadily as did the force of the spanks. It didn't take long before I was squirming around on her lap and yelping with each spank. My bottom was stinging terribly as the spanking continued. I could almost feel it turning red ( I redden quickly to begin with). Any ideas I had about maintain my composure disappeared after the first couple spanks. At this point I wiggled and kicked and screamed and begged and promised to behave. It fell on deaf ears as the force of the spanks continued to increase.

It took a few seconds for me to realize she had stopped spanking and I almost jumped up off her lap before I remembered her instructions to remain over her knee until she gave me permission to get up. I felt her eyes on my naked, red bottom cheeks and felt the embarrassment renew itself.....there was noway and nowhere to hide. My underpants had worked their way down around my ankles as I kicked and squirmed. She was several inches taller than me and when I was draped over her knee my feet didn't touch the ground so I could see through the rungs of the chair my feet dangling in mid air with the white cotton underpants bunched around my ankles.....I felt ridiculous! I silently pleaded for her to give me permission to get up. I felt her hand begin to move in slow circles over my stinging bare bottom cheeks. Then I felt her part them and expose my cleanly shaven anus. She commented how white the skin was in my crack as opposed to the deep red color in my cheeks. I shut my eyes as tight as I could as if it would somehow cause me to disappear from this humility. She left me over her knee for a while as if she knew exactly how much it was adding to my embarrassment.

Finally she gave me permission to get up. I was made to stand in front of her as she lectured me and instructed me on how she expected me to behave from now on. I was informed that I had just been spanked for disrespecting her in a conversation we had a few weeks after we started chatting! How could she remember that with such detail? I had long forgotten about it! I was also told to go to the corner, leave my underpants around my ankles, my hands at my side and think about the spanking I had just gotten and why I had gotten it. I was also told to think about the fact that we had several other behavior problems to deal with in the coming days. So, there I stood in the corner just about naked with a set of very sore, very red, bottom cheeks on full display. I had just been soundly spanked over the knee of a no-nonsense lady who took her role very seriously and I had a head full of speculation about what the future held. Across the room was a dresser with a full array of hard-wood paddles, bathbrushes, hairbrushes, leather belts, hard plastic hairbrushes, wooden kitchen utensils, rulers, butt plugs, vaseline, icy-hot and so on...

One of the things that stuck in my head I stood in the corner displaying a freshly spanked bottom was how easily this woman was able to flip me around on her lap physically placing me in the position she wanted with relative ease! I wanted the spanking to stop almost as soon as it started but the idea that this woman could easily hold me accountable for my actions with ease was very attractive to me. After about 20 minutes in the corner with her coming and going, I was given permission to pull my underpants up and go to bed for some much needed sleep. After all, she said, I have a long afternoon and evening ahead of me.....I'll need the rest!

While that first spanking from Miss Sadie was not captured on video, I have posted a few from that first visit in the past. Since I am currently on the road, I don't have access to all the clips I have so, I am posting a clip of one of the last spankings I got from Miss Sadie not to long ago. Again, as you will see at the beginning, we don't see each other as often as I would like so, there were a few reasons I needed to be punished and I had obviously been spanked before this spanking.



Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Hand Spanking Myth.

 If I had a nickle for every time I heard someone say that a hand spanking is somehow inconsequential as a form of punishment I'd be a millionaire........ok, a thousandaire - but still! I'd have a nice chunk of change. As a man that has been spanked by a woman in all sorts of positions with all sorts of implements for all sorts of reasons.....and I am talking about real, honest to goodness punishment spankings here.....I would respectfully disagree with that assessment....emphatically no less. When I see someone make that comment (often males) I wonder if this person was every really spanked? And if so, under what circumstances and by whom? Now, as many longtime readers know, I don't particularly like to be spanked. I find it to be extremely humiliating, very painful......and I do not like well as embarrassing. In my case, there is no sexual gratification related to pain. I have no inclination toward age regression either and let's face it, being taken across a woman's knee, having your bottom bared and being soundly spanked most definitely creates an atmosphere of adolescent behavior and correction....the main source of humiliation in my case. Once my bare cheeks start to be smacked and the sting and heat begin to build, my macho male bravado melts away like an ice cube on a hot frying pan! I try to fight it off and retain my composure but a punishment spanking hurts bad in fact.

My attraction, and the main reason I submit to a female's physical correction of my behavior, is because I am highly stimulated by female authority. That's my "turn on". I find strong, authoritative women to be very sexy. Along the way I have also discovered that I benefit on a personal level from the often harsh spankings I have received as punishment for some inappropriate behavior I have exhibited. I have also discovered that the relationship itself benefits and that is the reason I continue to seek out and accept spankings that are punitive in nature. I have received and enjoyed erotic spankings but I have never sought them out and my satisfaction in those cases was not derived from the pain of the spanking nor was it derived from a designation of a adolescent. I believe the satisfaction was more so derived from the knowledge that it was very pleasing to my partner, from her erotic stroking, touching and rubbing and, because I have a bit of an exhibitionist streak in me! :) In retrospect, I have submitted to forms of punishment by ladies which I normally would find extremely distasteful simply because her forceful demands were irresistible to me but that is a whole other topic for another time.

Back to the topic at hand (no pun intended.....I swear!). Over the years I have found myself over the laps of some seriously dominant ladies who had me there not for any sort of sexual gratification or stimulation but rather, to punish me soundly for any number of inappropriate behaviors. I can think of at least three of them whose hand felt like a wooden paddle or hairbrush when it smacked my bottom cheeks, covered or bare. I have read articles and interviews by and with "so called" professional disciplinary women who advocate for a hand spanking "warm up" which should naturally progress to a more severe implement as the only way to administer a proper punishment spanking. The suggestion of course is that a hand spanking couldn't possibly administer the necessary results required of a proper punishment. This is where I disagree and I do so from first hand experience (there's that pun again!). I am speaking strictly of correctional punishment spankings here. Approached in this manner (as the women I have had experiences with have), the hand is not used as a "warmup" measure. I was placed over their knees, my underpants were lowered and the first spank was delivered as hard as the last which is to say......very hard. There were no breaks in the action, no rubs, no inspections of results just, rapid, hard hand spanks on a naughty bare bottom.

There were also cases where the hand was used in a similar fashion over my underpants for a spell with her breaking just long enough to yank them down to continue on a now bared bottom. I can testify from these experiences that I was very soundly spanked (to tears on a few occasions) with nothing but her hard, heavy hand and I learned a lesson even if that lesson was only that I didn't wish to receive another hand spanking from her and that I certainly didn't wish to test her to the point that she would use a paddle, hairbrush, belt, cane, switch etc, etc....... I am fair skinned and my bottom turns red very quickly and deep red after a good hard spanking so the visual could be deceiving however, I assure you, I felt the intense sting of these ladies hands and if the sound of flesh smacking flesh was not so distinctive, I would have swore they were paddling me or taking a hairbrush to me.

There are those ladies who can't sustain the intensity with their hand that is necessary  to administer a good sound punishment spanking...I know this all to well. There is, of course, no shame in this, there are implements at a ladies disposal that can (and do) more than sufficiently complete the task at hand (pun). Even these women can administer a blistering hand spanking provided the conditions are right. The pictures posted in this article are exhibit A. The lady in the photos - Miss Lisa - didn't believe she could deliver an effective hand spanking. She related as much to me before she ever spanked me the first time. As it turned out, she did like to start out a punishment spanking with her hand then move on to a paddle or hairbrush although the very first spanking I ever got from her was an over the knee bathbrush spanking on my helpless bare bottom that had me squirming and twisting on her lap after the second swat! What I never did tell her was that her hand was not as insignificant as she believed it to be.

Miss Lisa's hand spankings were not the worst I ever had but they certainly got my attention in a hurry. The pictures are an example of how any lady can give an effective hand spanking punishment provided her hand can stand up to a lengthy round of contact with a bare bottom cheek. The night before this spanking, I received a belt spanking for disobeying her. It was a long hard belt spanking and the next morning my bottom was still quite tender. A bad attitude had me right across her knee for a hand spanking that had me howling, kicking and flopping around once again over her lap. Miss Lisa has a spanking style which is totally committed to administering a stinging and extremely unpleasant spanking experience from start to finish and she accomplishes it every single time. As I mentioned above, my bottom reddens quickly but it also recovers - visually - quickly. I say visually because my bottom can look untouched a few hours after a severe spanking but it still stings as if I was just spanked. In the photos, Miss Lisa started over my underpants (as shear as they were) and from the very first smack I wanted it to stop. As usual with her, what I wanted had very little to do with what she was going to do and I was begging her to stop long before my underpants were pulled down.

In my opinion, any lady can reheat a seat with her hand very rapidly and have that "bad little boy" very sorry in no time! :)